Migration to v1.0.0

For Users

When updating to v1.0 from any v0.x.x release - you MUST follow these steps, or your projects will get compile errors

To upgrade, do the following

  • Duplicate your main scene as a precaution (if you can)

  • Make a new empty scene and open it

  • Save the project

  • Delete the UdonToolkit folder completely

  • Open the duplicate scene and see if everything works

  • If it does - feel free to go back to your main scene and delete the duplicate

If you do get any issues - please do not hesitate to reach out on Discord

If you'll want to roll back - you should be able to follow the instructions again and import the older version of the toolkit (latest v0.x.x release). That operation should work, but generally speaking only forward upgrades are supported.

For Developers

You do not need to use [UTEditor] attribute anymore! You can safely remove it as it is not being used by anything. I left it in the code just so you do not get any errors. But feel free to remove it when you'll get a moment.

v1.0+ handles the custom attribute UI a bit differently than before, check out the new Custom Attribute docs to learn more about it!

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