UT Controllers
Create custom behaviour UIs for your own code
UdonToolkit is not just a set of prebuilt behaviours, but also a UI system built using Unity's Custom Property Drawers and Attributes that allows you to quickly create a user-friendly UI.
As of UdonToolkit v0.4.0 (with UdonSharp v0.18.0+) the Controllers are DEPRECATED you can now use the Attributes directly in UdonSharp code!
If you're not familiar with C# Attributes, I highly recommend taking a look at this.
But the tl;dr looks like this:
    Look through the list of available Attributes in the Sidebar
    Find something that seems interesting to you
    Add using UdonToolkit to the top of your U# behaviour code
    Add it to your field alongside a [UTEditor] attribute that should always be last in the list
    Enjoy the perks of UdonToolkit UI system!
Last modified 9mo ago
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