Mirror Toggle
An example of setting up a mirror toggle via UI Button
    Add a VRC Mirror prefab, disable it to save performance by default
    Add a Universal Action to the Mirror object
    Make sure Active is checked, check Fire Object Toggles, click on the Game Objects List and click Add Element
    Drag your Mirror object into the empty field, select Toggle in the dropdown on the right
    Add a UI -> Button to your scene, set the Render Mode to World Space and scale it way down and place it where you want
    Add a Ui Shape component to the Canvas
    Change canvas layer to Default
    Click on your Button inside the Canvas and add a new On Click() event by clicking the small + icon in the bottom right
    Drag and Drop your Mirror object into the empty field that appeared
    In the dropdown next to Runtime Only select UdonBehaviour -> SendCustomEvent (its all the way at the bottom)
    Type Trigger in the text field
You're done! Now you can toggle your mirror via UI button in Udon.
The major thing to note here is to make sure that the component, and the game object its on, is always enabled if you're using the Delay parameter, otherwise it will never fire as the Update method will never be called.
Last modified 7mo ago
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